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Mark Campbell, esq.

Aussie lawyer

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Name:Mark Campbell, esq.
Birthdate:Mar 15
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York


Mark was born and raised in the suburb of Clovelly in Sydney, Australia. His mother is Australian but his father is Scottish. His parents met in Scotland when his mother was touring the country when she was twenty one years old. After a whirlwind romance, they got married and his father moved to Australia to be with her. Mark has two brothers, an identical twin, Sam, and a younger brother, James, and he moved to America right out of High School when his straight A grades scored him a spot at Harvard where he completed pre-Law and then went onto Law School. Sam remained in Australia and attended Medical School with the University of Sydney where he went on to become a specialist Cardiologist once he graduated. Mark now works as a corporate lawyer with a large firm in New York City that he is a partner of, which often sees him and his younger brother, James, and FBI Special Agent, in fierce legal debates with clashing views about crime and justice, usually ending in them both steaming drunk and trying to right all the wrong in the world. Mark has always had a close relationship with his brothers, and being in the same city, is usually the person James turns to in a crisis.

That was why it was so difficult for Mark to deal when the family was hit by a sequence of drama that never seemed to end. First Sam's wife of only a year, Michelle, passed away from breast cancer and left Sam so heartbroken, he needed to get away from his life and signed up with Doctors Without Borders as a supervising doctor in Africa for five years. And then came news of James' "death", which Mark had no clue was faked at the time, and he thought he lost his little brother forever. He blamed himself for James' murder, not doing his job as a big brother and protecting his sibling. He didn't cope with it at all and turned to drinking to try and get through, ending up an alcoholic with a habit that he didn't want to kick. It was why, when he learned his ex, Ali, was pregnant with his child following a one night stand two years after their break-up, he couldn't step up to the plate at the time. With his crushing grief over James' believed death and harbouring a terrible drinking habit, he didn't think he was good enough to be the child's father, a baby girl called Jamie in honour of her uncle, and Ali's best friend.

Eventually, Mark ended up making the move home to Australia for a few months. New York reminded him too much of James and how losing him tore his world apart. He was only back home a short while before news came that James wasn't dead at all, and it had apparently been some kidnapping ploy, with James now released. Mark has always had his suspicions as to the situation surrounding the whole horrific deal and it took him a few months even beyond that to start to work through the shock and confusion, getting used to the fact his brother was alive and well. He started to go to therapy and worked on kicking the booze addiction. With James safe and well again, and Sam at least doing something he felt gave him purpose following his painful loss, Mark was eventually able to get back on his feet and returned to New York to his company, and to step up to the plate as a father, despite the fact Ali was now happily married a guy who was taking care of Jamie as his own.

Mark kept his distance initially, because Ali had been furious with him for abandoning her and their daughter during the painful time. Without her then boyfriend, Andrew, she would never have coped, suffering terrible post-natal depression. When Jamie was 18 months old, Ali finally relented and Mark gained part custody and visitation rights of his daughter. Jamie is now four years old and Mark has a wonderful friendship with both Ali and her husband, Andrew. He is also a proud uncle of James' little boy, Campbell, a thing he never thought he would witness in his life. He misses Sam every day, but he knows he is doing what he needs to do to heal. Life is okay for the moment, but at times, he feels lonely and Mark wonders if he should consider trying to get back in the dating saddle all over again, or just cut the losses from his past mistakes.

Mark is for the musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

Mark is an original character and has no fandom affiliation. His backstory is the work of his mun. No copyright infringement intended. His PB is Jamie Bamber, who belongs to himself. His sole universe is [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.
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